"Comics need to study you. You are a brilliant MC and funny without trying.
Totally connected to the crowd and got everybody laughing and loving you."
Judy Carter

"FABULOUS emcee! Thank you for saying yes and bringing your characteristic class, generosity, and laughter."
Mary Kay Fleming


"It felt like sunshine every time you were onscreen - thank you for welcoming the virtual crowd and always seeing us!
You were absolutely wonderful!"
Teme Ring


"You were the epitome of gracious host! Thank you for making everything flow perfectly— while being hilarious! "

Maggie Azbell Blackwell



"Leighann, you were amazing! From your fab "Bea" outfits to your on-the-fly quips, your encouragement and your kindness, Erma Nation loves you and thanks you. "
Alex Kmommy 


"Your beauty, light and love emanated from you and spread to all of us participating in person and no doubt virtually. Thank you for sharing your insights, humor and gorgeous self. You are a gift."

Linda B. Parker


"Besides seamlessly relating to the crowd when you were on stage, when a speaker was up you were really listening and taking notes to review with the audience next time you were up! You were invested!"
Julie Walling North